Lighting Design, Scenography & Costume Design

Alla vindar är stilla (All the winds are quiet) by Vera Berzak
Musical theatre play about the life of the Yiddish poet Anna Margolin.

Stage Director: Vera Berzak
Composer / Musician: Ida Gillner
Actresses: Karin Blixt and Anette Sevreus
Graphic design:
Martha Sanchez
Production Company: Possibilitas

Cinnober Teater
Gothenburg, Sweden
September 2021

Project description: A great poet can simply be said to have two alternatives to reach out with his works. The first option: you write, debut, continue writing, you reach recognition, fame and continue writing until the end of life. The other more drastic option: you write, get rejected, keep writing without being published, you take your life and your works then gain recognition and fame. Anna Margolin did none of the alternatives, she wrote, debuted, and then she did not write again in 30 years - what is the strange end to a great poet's life?

In the performing arts work All Winds Are Quiet, with newly written drama and music, the ensemble with actors and musicians gives shape to Anna Margolin's life and poetry. The story begins in the final stages of Anna's life, when the poet lives in solitude, and then continues backwards. It tells of her debut several years earlier, her relationship with children and marriage and her travels around the world. In All winds are still, the questions are asked directly to Anna at the desk: Who were you? What do you want now? Why are you still?

Work description: The play talks about the life of the Jewish poet Anna Margolin. For this production the lighting design recreates real and imaginary places that accompany the story. With a simple scenography in which a specific and significant element is the red sofa that represent the creative mind of Anna Margolin.

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