Production Design

Taxonomic and comparative study between the castes of the Kingdom of New Spain and contemporary Mexico [Étude taxonomique et comparative entre les castes de la Nouvelle Espagne et celles du Mexique contemporain]

Light and sound installation with 20 columns and 205 polycarbonate rings with leds
Artist: Erick Meyenberg
Music: Alejandro Castaños
Labo HKW Berlín, Germany [August - September 2010]. Laboratorio de Arte Alameda LAA, INBA. Mexico City [November 2010 - February 2011]
Caixa Catalunya Barcelona, Spain [November 2011].
Art Gallery San Diego, California. USA [January 2012]

Exhibition catalogue published: ISBN: 978-607-605-012-5

Project description: The installation was an assignment for the celebration of the 200-years Independence of Mexico and the 100 years of the Mexican Revolution.

The concept of the installation emphasizes the genetic mixture that was created in Mexico by the Spanish Conquer, called "Castes". These were classified and - over time - were given a special name. This mixture and the fusion of many cultures have been influenced the contemporary society, not only in traditions and customs, but also genetically. All these factors define our actual society. The artist Erick Meyenberg wanted to show this evolution.

Each column represented the main castes in Mexico. The blue color represented European people, the red color represented the Indigenous people in Mexico and the green color represented the African people. These three races were the base of the mixture of all the castes that appear in all this time. The rest of castes were represented with the color combination as a metaphor of the diversity in the contemporary Mexican society.

My work was to prepare all technical drawings, making renders, and coordinating & realizing the montage of the piece in Mexico. This also included adaptations to the original design to different-sized exhibition spaces in Berlin, Mexico-City, Barcelona, and San Diego.