Lighting Design

Gnugga by Takuya Fujisawa

Choreography: Takuya Fujisawa
Dancers: Malin Kvist, Beda Åsbrink, Takuya Fujisawa
Music: Maria Hansson, Takuya Fujisawa
Scenography: Shogo Hirata
Film and editing: Donovan von Martens
Lighting design: Diblik Rabia
Supported by Kulturradet, Danscentrum väst, Folkteatern and alias teatern
Produce by Possibilitas and Takuya Fujisawa 

Folkteatern, Göteborg
March 2022
AliasTeater, Stockholm, Sweden
April 2022

Project description: The choreography is a metaphor of the interconnected patterns used on our society like the isolation, delusion, how we build our relationship between people and environment.

Work description: The lighting design evoke the gap between ideal worlds and reality through the intensities and color temperature of the light.

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