Phd Thesis in Image, Technology and Design 

Optical Illusions: Creating Scenic and Alternative Spaces with Mirrors (Ilusiones ópticas: creación de espacios escénicos y alternativos con espejos)

Resulted in a A+ Cum Laude qualification

Published online: ISBN: 978-84-669-3297-4

PhD in Image, Technology and Design
Faculty of Fine Arts
University Complutense of Madrid
Madrid, Spain

My role: Conception of the idea, researcher, light and set designer

Project description: The main objective of my thesis was to study the many ways in which the mirror was viewed upon, together with its impact throughout human history.

The mirror caused furor in the past centuries: it was part of wars, treatments, and psychologic theories amongst others. Nowadays, we seem to have forgotten the property for creating virtual & infinitive images without technology.

I made experiments with mirrors and light, and studied the possibilities for designing a space based in the optical illusions that both cause.