Light Design

Original idea: Martin Bröns
Direction and Choreography: Mireille Leblanc
Backa Kulturhuset, Musikens Hus, Kulturhuset Vingen (2016), Blåstallet Kulturhuset Angered (2015)
Gothenburg, Sweden
May 2015-May 2016

Project description: Vilgot is a lonely man who lost faith in love and became maniacal and unsociable, even though in reality this is an appearance to hide his sadness.

He lives an ordinary life with a fixed routine. Everything changes when he receives a mysterious package that contains a creature, who helps him to face his past and recover his faith in love. At the end he decides to step out of his comfort zone and is looking forward to have a happy life.

Work description: The initial light design creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, to make the spectators feel as if they were in their homes. The atmosphere then slightly becomes "broken" together with magic touches, as if the situation that Vilgot is experiencing was a dream.

Towards the end the light produces a dramatic atmosphere, that support the tough confrontation he is having with himself. The bright lights at the end reflect the character's relief.