Set, Light & Costume Design

Timorí find Timorí (Timorí encuentra a Timorí) by Guillermo León
Stage director: Martín Acosta
Teatro Salvador Novo, CNA. / Teatro Orientación, INBA. / Teatro Isabela Corona, IMSS
November 1998 - January 2000

Work description: This theatrical play was intended for kids between 4-7 years old. The story is about Timori's adventure, who lives in a small town next to the sea. Because he is curious about life outside of the town, he decides to see what more things are out of his world. In his adventure he talks with all the animals that live in the jungle: Mrs. Turtle, an old & grumpy crocodile, a hyperactive bird, and a sweet-talking snake.

The light, set and costume design was bold and brilliant, in order to catch the attention of the kids. The lights and actions on stage were synchronized to enhance this experience even further.